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Always trying to find extra space to store all your stuff?  Are your closets, busting at the seams?  Trying to figure outorganizing where to store all your linens,  photos and CD’s?  Try these space saving ideas to clear the clutter and create breathing room in your apartment home.

  • Tackle the clutter that invades our lives on a daily basis such as junk mail.  Make sure you go through your mail daily, throwing out what you don’t need.  Check out this article on Yahoo for stopping junk mail from being delivered to your home. 
  • As you come across unused items in you home, consider getting ride of them.
  • Utilize the extra storage space under beds.  There a numerous plastic bins on the market that will help you take advantage of this space.
  • With the growth of digital media, take those CD’s and convert them to MP3s with your home computer.
  • If you love to read, consider e-books, this will allow you to use your bookshelves to display other items in your home.

Have any other de-cluttering, space saving ideas for your fellow neighbor’s at Southern Oaks?  We’d love for you to share them with us.