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It’s just about that time of the year for ear muffs and mittens! The frigid season is quickly approaching, and it is 2207936507_87b7c6f83b_zimportant for you to prepare your Southern Oaks apartment for the cold winter months. Follow these five tips to make sure you are fully prepared for the

  1. Test your heating system before it gets too cold. Don’t wait until the temperature drops and you find out your heating unit does not work properly. When you first turn on your heat, you may smell a burnt scent, that smell is just the heat kicking in from not being used for the past few months.  Also, as the temperature outside drops, be sure NOT to completely turn your heat off while you are away from your apartment. Keeping the temperature between 60-75 degrees will prevent your HVAC from overworking and possibly breaking down.
  2. Keep your apartment space dust-free by making sure your air filter is changed each month. Contact Maintenance for filters should they need to be changed.
  3. Keep  heat circulating in your apartment during the winter months by reversing your ceiling fans. Remember, rotate them clockwise during the winter months and counter-clockwise during the summer months.
  4. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed to prevent a cool draft from entering. This will help keep your apartment warm, and your utility bill down.
  5. Keep your faucets running at a slow drip to prevent your pipes from freezing when temperatures drop below 32 degrees F.

What are other tips you use to make sure you stay nice and toasty during these coming winter months?  Be sure to share them with your neighbors on our Facebook page!

Image courtesy of Flickr