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If you’re looking for cool things to do near Stone Mountain, how about a ball game? When was the last time you went out to see the Atlanta Braves? There are still several games left in the season for you to catch a couple! Turner Field is only half an hour’s drive from Southern Oaks!

a baseball pitcher

Come out and enjoy a fun day at Turner Field.

September 25th through the 27th is a stretch of games with the Marlins visiting, and the 28th through the 30th are three games at home against the Mets. These are the last regular season home games, so get your tickets now before the season is over!

The pennant race is on and playoffs start on October 5th in Atlanta, so come out and root for the home team!

Looking ahead to the 2013 schedule, you can expect the same level of spectacular ball playing that’s made the Braves the pride of Atlanta since 1966!

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Photo via David Berkowitz