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As our Southern Oaks residents clean up after Thanksgiving dinner and gear up for Black Friday, here are 10 shopping tips that will make your experience a little easier:ID-100354183

  1. Research flyers and e-newsletters: Select specific items you are looking for and write them down, including the price. If you’re shopping for family, include color and size preferences. Be sure to read the fine print to understand the details – there may be limited quantities!
  2. Shop early: If possible, visit the stores ahead of time to pick out items that you want or at least know exactly where to find them. When sale time comes – you can go straight to your item without having to stop and ask or search for hours in a packed store.
  3. Compare prices: You may get a better deal at a different retailer – be sure to check other stores and websites because the sale price may not always be the best deal.
  4. Shop bargains only: Stay on a mission and purchase items that are on sale and leave the other items that capture your interest for another day.
  5. Map out your trip: Know where you’re going – list all the stores you plan on going to, when they open, and also the phone number just in case you need to check to see if an item is still available.
  6. Bring a buddy: Waiting in lines can be time consuming. If you want more than one limited item and are unable to be in two places at once, ask a buddy (who isn’t looking for the same item) to stand in for you – because that’s what friends are for, right?
  7. Prepare the night before: Gather your list, charge your phone, pick out your clothing, pack a snack, and be ready to go when your alarm goes off. You don’t want to spend an extra 30 minutes of your time hunting for your keys or looking for clothes to wear.
  8. Dress for shopping: Do not make the mistake of wearing sandals, any thin layered or uncomfortable shoes. It’s good to wear sneakers or boots to have more protection in case someone accidently step on you.
  9. Download apps: Map out your shopping success with specific apps dedicated to Black Friday deals such as TGI Black Friday (for iPhone & iPad) and Black Friday App (for Android), and get extra coupons or discounts using RetailMeNot (for both Android & Apple users).
  10. Shop online: If you dislike being in crowds, shopping online is another alternative to get great deals without the wait or hassle. Oftentimes, there will be free shipping and/or free in-store pickup!

Most importantly, have a great time!  Good luck – have a safe and happy Black Friday!

Content courtesy of ForRent.com