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Often we need to make minor repairs in our apartments in Stone Mountain, from fixing bikes to putting together furniture. So here are some tools that you should always keep in your apartment.

Make small repairs with these tools when you need them.

  • Screwdriver– Always versatile, a screwdriver can be used for everything from tightening up pan handles or furniture to use as an ice pick to chop ice.
  • Hammer– This is another handy tool that is necessary for decorating and small building projects. You don’t need an expensive one, any cheap one will do.
  • Wrench– The can help you fix minor things on your car or bike and they are not too expensive.
  • Tape Measure– They may not seem like a big deal but having a tape measure in your tool box can help with furniture measurements, hanging pictures or other things like sewing.
  • Hand Tool Set– Many of us can’t imagine why we would need hand tools but they can be stored in a handy case, kept for years and can be used for simple projects.

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Photo via Emilio_13