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“From Depot to Caboose, the Visitor Center of Stone Mountain presents a Stone’s Throw Walking Tour of this historic village.  It’s brick and granite tip-tap-twobuildings has grabbed the attention of newcomers and business people since 1847, many of which sought their fortunes in the area’s thriving granite industry.  This history is captured in the village’s architecture.  Each building contains a story or an event to be shared about life in a small Georgia town.

The Tour features 23 historic buildings, each with it’s own rich history.  From the Johnson House, considered to be the oldest building in the Village, to the Granite Bank, with it’s tag line: “Granite Bank is as solid as the Rock of Stone Mountain”.

Print out the Walking Tour brochure, or stop by the Stone Mountain Visitor Center and immerse yourself in the rich history found in your own backyard here at Southern Oaks Apartment Homes.

Image Source:  zx81basic