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Now that Halloween decorations have come down, it’s time for stores to get settled in for Thanksgiving events in Stone Mountain. If you don’t already have plans on where you’re getting your turkey, you should figure it out soon! Many companies require you to preorder to make sure that they don’t run out.

One great option for you is to choose HoneyBaked Ham. They don’t just serve ham — you can actually get both turkey breast and a whole turkey from them. If you are only planning on having a few people over, getting one of their breasts is a great way to make sure that you’re not eating turkey for weeks.

They offer a HoneyBaked turkey breast that’s simply delicious. And the best part is, you can get their duo, where you get a ham as well. If you’re planning for Thanksgiving at Southern Oaks Apartments, they also have a combo where you can get a pecan pie or even a full dinner.

You can get a whole turkey feast or a HoneyBaked ham and whole turkey. They even offer a whole roasted turkey feast, where you get enough food for the whole family.

Who’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Are you staying in or traveling?

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