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The holiday season is in the air here at Southern Oaks Apartments.  Decorations are going up, shopping is now the favorite past time and family holiday traditions emerge.  Why not start a new family  tradition this year by building your very own gingerbread house.

Gingerbread has been baked in Europe for centuries. In some places, it was a soft, delicately spiced cake; in others, a crisp, flat cookie, and in others, warm, thick, steamy-dark squares of “bread,” sometimes served with a pitcher of lemon sauce or whipped cream.  In order to make a gingerbread house, you need to use the crisp, flat cookie recipe for structural strength.  Below is a great recipe to use when building your very own gingerbread house.ttss_gingerbreadhouse_step18_h-300x213

7 1/2 cups flour
2 3/4 cup sugar
5 eggs
2/3 cups honey
1 2/3 teaspoon cinnamon
1 2/3 teaspoon ground cloves
1 2/3 teaspoon ginger

Cream eggs and sugar. Add honey. Add spices, then gradually add flour. Wrap tight. Spray a cookie pan with cooking spray. You want to make sure the pan isn’t warped — a flat surface is necessary for creating bread flat enough for use in gingerbread structures.

Roll out the gingerbread to 1/8 inch thick on your baking pan. It is recommended that if you’re going to cut a pattern (check out these free, downloadable patterns), to do so while the dough is on the cookie sheet and before baking. Bake in a 325-degree oven until just browned. Make sure it is an even brown color. Remove from the cookie sheet and lay on a flat surface to dry.

Don’t forget to delight you family and friends with your creation, by posting photos of your house on our Facebook page!

Image Source:  bonappetit.com