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Are you looking forward to warmer spring weather and more hours of sunlight after a long day at work to enjoy and unwind?  You’respring-forward almost there.  Before you go to bed this Saturday, March 8, we want to remind all of our Southern Oaks Apartment residents to set your clock ahead one- hour, as daylight saving time start at 2PM, Sunday March 9th .   Because we “Spring Forward” and hour, your will loss and hour of sleep, so you may want to make plans to hit the sack a little earlier, you don’t want to be late for your Sunday activities.

When setting you clocks forward, don’t forget about the clock in you car, on stoves and microwaves and your watch.  Also, take this time as a reminder to check you fire detector and replace the batteries, replace the batteries in flashlight and battery backup alarm clocks and radios.

Did you know that Daylight Saving time was first proposed in 1784?

Are you in favor of year round Daylight Saving time?  Give us your feedback at our community Facebook page.