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The Dragon’s Horde, Southern Oaks premier source for all things comic, anime and gaming, is just minutes from our Southern Oaksapartments in Stone Mountain, GA and is an attraction for anyone, not just comic fans.

With a wide variety of comics and a comic subscription option any comic fan will be able to not only find what they are looking for, but also be able to dabble in some new comics they might otherwise have not tried. Maybe card games are more your style. The Dragon’s Horde has game nights and game release parties where you can join other fans.

Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments happen every Friday and Wednesday, so you are bound to make some new friends and maybe even learn some new strategies so you can win some of those card packs you have been wanting.

Be sure to check in regularly for the latest releases of card games, comics, and action figures to complete your collection. Check out this cool comic shop near us and share your finds with us on Facebook!

Image Source:  arellis49