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With Halloween behind us, it’s now time to start considering Thanksgiving which follows quickly afterwards. One area of Thanksgiving that doesn’t get discussed as much as it should is safety. We want to keep our apartments in Smyrna safe, so here are a few things to keep in mind for your special family meal.cooking-safety-thanksgiving-300x225

  • Never leave the oven on unattended- We know it takes a while to cook that turkey, but never leave it roasting in an empty apartment. Stay home and spend time with the family while it cooks.
  • Keep flammable objects far away from the stove and oven- Not just fuel items, but cloth and wrappers as well. With so many open flames, it is easy for something to catch.
  • Handles in- Many pots and pans have handles. Keeping them turned away from the social area prevents an accident that could scald skin, as well as ruin your prepared feast.
  • Don’t rush to eat- Make sure everything is turned off before sitting down to enjoy that feast.

Keep it safe for Thanksgiving and enjoy this wonderful holiday!

Do you have any safety tips to offer? If so, please share them with us on our Facebook page.

Photo via Cloned Milkmen