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All of our Southern Oaks kids invited to a prehistoric party at Fernbank Museum!  Stomp like a dinosaur, chomp like a dinosaur, growl like a dinosaur andDinoBD2014 800x285 PARTY like a dinosaur. Come and join the fun as Fernbank celebrates the 13th anniversary of the Museum’s “Giants of the Mesozoic” exhibit. Guests will enjoy a day filled with dinosaur- and birthday-themed activities, including games, crafts hands-on activities and more.  And don’t forget, dinosaur costumes are encouraged!

Dinosaurs have long since been extinct on earth. Fossils of these giant beasts are all that remain now and Atlanta has a great resource for taking an up close look at them. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History in downtown has dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era on display and on Saturday August 23,2014 from 10 AM to 2 PM,  visitors can come out to celebrate a dinosaur birthday bash of sorts. For the past years giant dinosaur skeletons have adorned the museum and each year people are invited to come and enjoy a whole day of dinosaur themed fun.

Schedule of Events  include:

  • Gerogia Bubbleman: Enjoy an interactive demonstration with bubbles of all sizes, including bubbles inside other bubbles and bubbles ranging from tiny to some as big as the juvenile Lophorhothonin the in the Dinosaur Entrance Plaza.
  • Dinosaur Games: Enjoy a variety of dinosaur-themed party games.
  • Temporary Dinosaur Tattoos: Wear your dinosaur pride with a fun temporary dinosaur tattoo.
  • Dinosaur Photo Opportunities: Enjoy a variety of special dinosaur photo opportunities around the museum, including an up-close view of the Giganotosaurus skull!
  • Fernbank Mascot: Say hello to Fernbank’s mascot, Giggy A. Dinosaur!