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Our Southern Oaks Apartment residents will not want to miss this event.  There’s a new twist to a 5K run that is neon-vibe-splashfaces-300x293coming to Stone Mountain Village in August.

The Neon Vibe After Dark Fun-Run will have you and your friends glowing crazy with color and dancing all night!  Did we mention we had color that glows under black lights – and lots of it!  Think of it like this – there’s 5K’s, and then there’s running a 5K in black lights with loads of color!  This is the most fun you will every have at a run!  You are our color canvas, and when you’re finished with this 5K run you’ll be a vivid glowing masterpiece, so tag your friends and hook everybody up with the best night-time 5K run. This is one amazing run you will not want to miss!  Register for the craziness today before we are sold out.

Click HERE to Register Now!  Event takes place August 1, 2014 in Downtown Stone Mountain Village. Gates open at 7:30 PM and the race will start at 9 PM.

After crossing the finish line, we will have a designated area for dancing and picture taking. There will be water available for you at the finish line. Wear clothes you wouldn’t mind getting color on, the color comes out for the most part, but that’s not a guarantee. We recommend bringing something to protect your car for the ride home. A towel or garbage bag to sit on will do the trick and will prevent your car from getting as colorful as you. The sooner you clean up, the easier the color comes off.