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With the weather warming up here in the South, we are less likely to open our windows to let in the cool fresh air of spring.  It won’t be long before we are cranking up the air conditioners and closing those windows.  As a result, there is less circulation with can cause that stuffy feel.  Fortunately, it’s possible to naturally purify the air.

Did you know that simple house plants can help clean the air in your apartment?  You may already know this, but it took NASA scientists to pull the facts together.  There are a number of indoor plants that can sustain healthy air in space, imagine what they can do for your apartment home.

Here are just a few plants that will clean your indoor air:

  • Areca Palm – converts CO2 to oxygen throughout the day
  • Money Plant – removes airborne pollutants
  • Mother-in-Law’s Tongue – converts CO2 to oxygen throughout the day
  • Dracaenas (the “corn” plant) – removes airborne pollutants

So if your looking to for a natural way to keep the air in your apartment home clean and fresh, pick up a couple of these plants the next time your at your neighborhood garden center.

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Photo source:  FreeDigitalPhotos