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If you have ever wished you could have seen the days when knights road on horseback competing in jousts or when dinner was a giant turkey leg, then look no further. A chance to jump back in time is coming soon near our community at the Southern Oaks Apartments.

Every Saturday and Sunday between April 14 and June 3rd, from 10:30 AM to 6 PM, you and yours can visit yesteryear at the Georgia Renaissance Festival during its 2012 run. The festival is designed as a 16th century kingdom. You’ll see knights in full armor, Maidens Faire, King Henry VII, jesters and much more. Whenever you get hungry, just grab one of the endless food choices, including the ever popular turkey leg. You’ll feel like townsfolk of the Renaissance.

Check the event out online for information on shows, games, and how to get your tickets. After your visit, share your favorite stories and photos with us on Facebook!

Image Source: BarelyFitz