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It will be LaborDay weekend in just a few days and you may be having your own celebration barbecue. Having a barbecue is the perfect way to celebrate during this holiday, but you want to make sure that ID-100227542you do it perfectly. Try these tips, residents of the Southern Oaks Apartments in Stone Mountain, GA, and have the best Labor Day weekend possible.

  • The Grilling Trilogy – Use olive oil and black pepper when seasoning your meat of choice. Also, add salt right before grilling so the meat won’t dry out. You can’t go wrong with this trio of seasoning.
  • Direct and Indirect Heat – Know the difference between these two and when to use them. For burgers and hot dogs, as well as most meats, use direct heat.
  • Oil the Food – Don’t oil the grate, because it will burn quickly and lead to the food sticking to the grill.
Try these tips during this upcoming Memorial Day for your barbecue. Have your own tips? Share them with us on Facebook!

Image courtesy of khunaspix at FreeDigitalPhotos.net