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When you have to leave your warm and cozy home here at Southern Oaks Apartments, make sure you have prepared and Auto Safety kit.  Normally in the south, we get very little snow and ice, but Winter 2015 proves to be a little different than the norm.  With snowy conditions predicted, you don’t want to be stuck without being prepared.

It only take 15 minutes to put together your Auto Safety kit.  Here’s what you need:

  1. Get blankets, sleeping bags or a space blanket.
  2. Flashlight with extra batteries
  3. An Auto First Aid Kit
  4. A knife and some high-calorie, non perishables snacks
  5. A large empty can and plastic cover with tissues and paper towels for sanitary purposes plus a smaller can and water-proof matches to melt snow for drinking water.
  6. Sack of sand (or cat litter) for tire traction and a shovel.

In addition to your Auto Safety kit, if you have to travel, make sure you have a full gas tank and let someone know your time table along with primary and alternate routes.

Image source:  Free Digital Photos