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Living green is more than a fad — it’s an important step you need to take in order to reduce your environmental footprint and ID-100278134help the environment around Southern Oaks Apartments. When you live in an apartment though, it can be difficult to take a lot of the measures that homeowners can take in order to live greener. If you’re interested in living Green in Stone Mountain while renting, check out these great tips.

  • Hook up your appliances to power strips. A lot of appliances still use power, even when they’re off! Anything that uses a remote is standing there waiting for a signal. These “off” appliances account for 40% of the average home’s electric bill. Turn them off completely by using power strips and turning the power strip off at night.
  • Get a Green shower curtain. This is something you can control! A PVC-coated curtain gives off unhealthy gases and is more taxing on the environment to make. Using a hemp or organic cotton shower curtain. It’s healthier for you and better for the environment. You can also throw them in the wash to clean them, rather than using chemicals.

What tips do you have for renters trying to go green? Remember that summer and spring aren’t the only times of the year to live greener!

Image source:  Free Digital Photos