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He’ll perform his best tunes at Club Atrium

It’s almost time to get your dancing shoes on because on March 8th, Konshensperforms at Club Atrium. Born in 1985, this Jamaican artist has graced many stages and has steadily attracted a devoted fanbase through his collection of inspirational music.

‘Rasta Impostor’, ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, ‘Do Sumn’ and ‘This Means Money’ are just a few of Konshens hits that you can expect to hear when you head to The Atrium Event Center to watch his special performance. From 10:00 pm on Friday, March 8th, to 4:00 am on Sunday, March 9th, crowds of fans will be jamming to his tracks and singing along to his biggest hits.

If you want to join thousands of people in the audience you should order your tickets online now. Prices are as follows:

  • General admission – $30
  • VIP package for 10 people – $1,000
  • VIP package for five people – $500
  • VIP spacing – $50

Since Konshens burst onto the music scene in 2005, he has released four albums and one collaborative album. If you opt for VIP tickets, you will have the opportunity to meet the artist personally and even get a snapshot with him!

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