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Now that school is officially out for the summer, many people are opting for a day trip to one of Georgia’s beautiful Sate Parks.  If that is you, here’s a few tips to help you  make it a great outing:

Weather – Check the weather forecast before venturing out to any park. An umbrella sitting at home will not keep you dry during a downpour.

Traffic – As you no doubt know Atlanta is notorious for its traffic. A drive that should only take 15 minutes may take well over an hour due to road work, accidents, or special events along your route. Plan ahead to prevent, or at least reduce, delays by visiting the Georgia 511 website. The map will show you traffic speeds, construction zones, incidents, and special events that may affect your drive as well as links to traffic cams and message boards.

Air Quality – Learn the current Air Quality Index (AQI) at the park and the forecast for tomorrow from the AirNo website. The site gives details about the pollutants found and provides health warnings.

Pollen Count – People with allergies will find that Atlanta can be a miserable place to be at times. Check out the latest pollen count for Atlanta at the web site maintained by the National Allergy Bureau®

Have a great time!