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No matter what you lifestyle is, there’s bound to be a pet suited to your style and living area.  87765921However, there are number of things to think about before you bring that cuddly ball of fur, a feathered or finned friend home.

Here are few tips to selecting the best pets for your apartment home:

  • If you have a rather small living space, you may want to look for pets that don’t require much room.  Consider a small aquarium stocked with a fish.  Did you know that 15 -20 minutes of looking at fish swim can reduce stress.  
  • If space is not an issue, perhaps a dog or cat is in your future.  Cats are a favorite as they can be very cuddly and playful, and are very low maintenance.  If you prefer a puppy dog, consider the breed.  Certain dogs, like pugs are great pets to have as they are quiet and need little time outdoors on a leash for exercise.
  • If your taste runs a little more exotic, and you want a more social animal, a bird such as a parakeet may be more to your liking.  But remember, there are a number of bird species that are very noisy so chose wisely.

Prior to bringing any pet into your home, alway check with the leasing office at Southern Oaks Apartments to find out the details of the pet policy and any restriction that may apply.

Be proactive and ensure that you choose your pet family member wisely.  Here are some resources for you to get you started: