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One of our local treasures is the Stone Mountain Golf Club, which winds its way through Stone Mountain Park among many natural treasures that will refresh your spirit even as you practice your swing.

a golf ball

Test your skills at this fun course.

Built in 1969, this course was designed to challenge golfers on the arsenal of shots at their disposal. It has often been likened to a complete test of the range of skills a golfer is meant to possess.

It has been the host of the Public Links Championship as well as a favorite of professional golfers for forty years. It offers two courses: the Stonemont Course which challenges accuracy and Lakemont Course, a less demanding but beautiful vista backdrop for a leisurely round of golf.

Reserve a tee time and set off on a course that will give any self-respecting golfer an extraordinary experience as well as a challenge for their return visit.

Stone Mountain Golf Club is set near the historic mountain where the Confederate monument is carved into its side. Of the things to do in Stone Mountain, the Golf Club is one of the most challenging and among the most rewarding!

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