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Families, here at Southern Oaks Apartments who are looking for things to do in Stone Mountain often visit Stone Mountain Park, which is renowned for being action-packed and child-friendly. When you visit Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park, you will experience winter in all its glory because the hills in this area are draped in blankets of snow. Get the family together for an adrenaline-filled day of fun at this winter wonderland.

Every day is different at Snow Mountain, and you could experience everything from tubing to roasting marshmallows. You can buy tickets on the official website for the following activities:

  • Avalanche Alley – Jump into an inflatable tube with up to five people and drift down the 400-foot snow-covered hill at Snow Mountain.
  • Little Angels – Take children aged three and under on the Sno-Boggans.
  • SnowZone – Igloo City, Penguin Run,Snowman Valley and Little Angel’s Bunny Slope are combined into this activity.
  • Tube Runners – Slide down Snow Mountain in your own personal Tube Pro.
  • Galactic Snow Tubing – Ride the tubes at night with music, laser beams and high-powered LED lights 

What is your favorite snowy event this year at Snow Mountain?