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A great way to spend an afternoon or an evening without breaking your bank account is to go to Stars and Strikes, the bowling alley that offers great rates per lane for up to 8 people.

bowling balls

Roll a few strikes with some family and friends this weekend.

Simply reserve a lane for no additional charge and arrive with your family for a great experience competing and excelling at knocking down the pins.

Stars and Strikes also offers a family Arcade, Bumper Cars, Laser Tag, and Balladium, the family game that has you all firing foam balls at each other in a shooting gallery style arena!

There simply is no need to spend hundreds of dollars going to an amusement park when you can spend time at one of the family-friendly things to do in Stone Mountain.

Stars and Strikes is also available for group events and birthday parties, as well as providing food and drinks from their own restaurant. And if you are really competitive with your bowling, give their Bowling Leagues a try.

Stars and Strikes has plenty of fun for everybody, and all within quick driving distance from our apartments at Southern Oaks!

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Photo via downing.amanda