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Whether you are 5 or 50, Halloween gives you the opportunity to mingle with your Southern Oaks neighbors. Keep your 2014 Halloween safe with these helpful tips.

Decorations are plentiful for Halloween. However, if you use crepe streamers, dried cornstalks or smoke machines in your Halloween décor, take note. Crepe paper and dried cornstalks are extremely flammable; smoke machines will mask any smoke signals in the case of a fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should keep paper products and dried items up high and away from flammable items.

As you dress your kids in their spookiest costumes, KidsHealth wants you to keep them safe. Check for fabric that is too long or loose, which they can trip over or get hung on. Make sure masks fit properly as suffocation and not being able to see out of the holes are major issues. Finally, while black is in for Halloween, why not try something bright for a change? Neon colors and lighter hues will reflect light and keep your kids safe from danger.

Now that you are prepared to be safe this Halloween, what costumes will everyone wear? Post your pictures on the Brighton Way Facebook page!