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If you are looking for things to do in Stone Mountain that are outdoors, then here are some scenic and challenging bike trails near Southern Oaks that you will enjoy.

Go on an adventure with these great bike trails.

An excellent trail is Stone Mountain Park a comfortable 4.5 mile ride that takes you through beautiful scenery including stunning views of the lake.

Stone Mountain Park is also the end point of a 19 mile trail of bike paths and street lanes that takes you from Stone Mountain Park to Midtown Atlanta at Fifth Street at Georgia Tech.

While this is a more adventurous trail, it is a straight ride past sky scrapers and the MLK National Historic Site.

For a mountain bike challenge, try the Yellow River Mountain Bike Trail located at 3232 Juhan Road. It has well maintained trails that range in length and difficulty.

The River loop trail is for beginners while the Creek loops is for more advanced riders. Both take on average close to two hours to complete, but add in a picnic and you have a beautiful, scenic ride and a great way to spend a morning.

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Photo via prud_de