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Nice weather, summer and weekends beg the question of “What can we get out and do for fun?” Great Locomotive Chase ID-100238572Adventure Golf , at Stone Mountain Park is a perfect summer activity to enjoy with the family or friends and living at Southern Oaks Apartments  you are just a short drive to the park.

Putter around on a miniature golf course based on the real-life adventures of the Great Locomotive Chase. Taking on the perspective of the trains original crew, you’ll make your way through 18 holes in hot pursuit of the stolen General locomotive. With train-inspired design elements that seamlessly blend with the architecture of Crossroads and the natural beauty of Stone Mountain the Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf hits a hole in one!

This is one of many fun family activities near Southern Oaks Apartments in Stone Mountain, GA. Share your best entertainment ideas with your neighbors on our Facebook page.

Image courtesy of Naypong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net