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There’s plenty of things to do in Stone Mountain, GA, and when you’re ready for a snack, head to Royal Caribbean Bakery. Royal Caribbean Bakery is more than just a name to owners Vincent and Jeanette HoSang. Both natives of Jamaica, the couple wanted to bring a taste of the islands to the United States. You can read the complete history of their bakery on the bakery’s website.

baked goods

Find some great sweet treats and more at this bakery.

This Jamaican bakery serves up a tasty variety of buns and breads, muffins, puddings, tarts and pastries.

The bakery also has 12 flavors of cake available in three sizes, including a sheet cake. The full menu can be viewed online.

If you find yourself wondering what “bulla” or “coco bread” is, the HoSangs kindly provide American definitions for food with traditional Jamaican names.

What do you enjoy eating at Royal Caribbean Bakery when you crave a snack with Jamaican flair? Visit us on Facebook to talk about your favorites with other residents in our community.

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