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April is National Kite Month, so get out and fly a kite.  With Stone Mountain Park just around the corner from Southern Oaks Apartments, there is plenty of room to enjoy a spring day flying kites with friends and family.

April was chosen as National Kite Month because it was the month that perfectly symbolized hope, potential, and joy.  As the first month in Spring, it is when most kite fliers are starting to bring their kites out of the closet and prepare for a summer on the beach.  It is the month that while we spring clean and dust off the cobwebs, we can look fondly back on the memories of the year before while looking towards a bright future.  So why not do it with a kite this year?

Kite flying has been around for thousands of years. According to NationalKiteMonth.org, the earliest account of kite flying dates back to 200 B.C., when a Chinese general flew a kite over a walled city to gain valuable intel to defeat the enemy. Kite flying slowly spread via traders from China to Korea, then to India and the rest of the globe.

Want to make your own kite?  Check out this link and get creative making your own unique kite