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Here in 2012, the 1950’s and most things that went along with it are a distant memory for some and not even in memory for most. However, there are still places dedicated to the time and its unique culture. For our residents of the Southern Oaks Apartments in Stone Mountain, GA, such a place is nearby.

At Remember When Collectibles, you can find all sorts of ’50’s memorabilia. They have tin advertisements from Coca-Cola, peddle cars, vintage jukeboxes and stools from milk shake bars, and even a wealth of clothing from the era. They also have many toys from the area for purchase. Defying the nature of a one dimensional store, Remember When will accept trade-ins and restorations. If you have an item from the ’50’s, you can bring it in for a trade. If you have something from the era that you just can’t get to work, bring it in and let the store’s experts take a crack at it.

Check out Remember When Collectibles for a nice change of pace and a look back in time. Afterwards, tell us all about it on Facebook!

Image Source: cproppe