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One of the best parts about fall is taking weekend road trips on scenic highways and byways. It gives our residents at the Southern Oaks Apartments in Stone Mountain, GA a chance to get away from work and really just take a break. Going with family and friends is essential to any road trip and not just for safety reasons. Here are some favorite games to play when we have finished catching up, the radio and all of our CDs are repetitive, and we need some entertainment.

I Spy is a great one to play with smaller children, but is fun to make a bit harder for your older family and friends. One person picks an object in the car or on the road and the other passengers attempt to guess what the object is.

Twenty Questions is an oldie but a goodie.  Someone chooses an object or subect, and everyone else asks them questions about it, but the only permitted answers are “Yes” or “No”.  The person who guesses correctly gets to select the next object or subject. 

Try these games during your next road trip and share your own games with us on Facebook!