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Who’s excited to get some laundry done at our apartments in Smyrna? That’s right, none of us, but sinceID-100331127 it’s still a chore that has to be done, get the maximum benefit from your time spent with these tips for brighter, longer-lasting clothes.

Make colors stay bright longer by soaking new clothes in a solution of saltwater or straight vinegar. This will keep the dyes from running, and lock in the color for long-term brightness. Use a half cup of vinegar during the wash cycle for every load to maintain that brightness for a long time.

There are even more household options for making your whites stay brighter longer, and they can help you avoid the harsh chemicals in bleach that can make your clothes wear out faster. Lemon juice is a natural whitener and brightener. Soak dingy whites in 1/2 cup of pure lemon juice per gallon of hot water to whiten them overnight. Adding a half cup of lemon juice or vinegar to the rinse cycle also whitens whites.

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Image courtesy of Praisaeng at FreeDigitalPhotos.net