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There are few restaurants left that can be considered “green.” With Earth Day approaching, why not try a place that maintains its healthful integrity and still makes delicious meals? If this interests any of our residents of the Southern Oaks apartment community, then they should check out Sweet Potato Cafe.

Sweet Potato Cafe is a tiny little restaurant set in a 1930’s craftsman-style house that prides itself on using only the most environmentally friendly of ingredients and practices. You’ll enjoy locally grown produce, cage-free eggs, and other farm raised delights. This allows their ingredients to be the most healthy and well-cared for.

Their menu is impressive, with their choice ingredient being the vitamin enriched sweet potato. They use it to make hummus, different loaded sweet potatoes, hash, shepherd’s pie, fries, chips, and even cobbler and cheesecake.

Stop by the Sweet Potato Cafe for a great meal made from the best ingredients. Share your favorite dish with us on Facebook!

Image Source: little blue hen