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Our residents here at Southern Oaks Apartments homes are surrounded by fun things to do with family and friends in ID-100227448the Stone Mountain area.  We love to provide our residents with fun, new and different events to take advantage of.

How does an evening listening to jazz and enjoying food, cocktails and snoballs sound?  Come out this Saturday, August 9th, to the patio of the New Orleans Snoball Cafe and enjoy the music of Kayla Taylor JAZZ.

Just a note, these are not your ordinary snoballs.  These are autentic NOLA-style Snoballs in Atlanta! Here you can enjoy a refreshing snoball crowned with fresh, organic fruit puree and stuffed with delicious local ice cream. Owners Victoria and Jared welcome you to their cozy cafés, decorated with the bright colors of Mardi Gras and serving up the flavors of New Orleans fresh every day.

Location:  340 W. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decature, GA  30030

Image courtesy of Theeradech Sanin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net