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Cleaning our apartments in Stone Mountain, GA is much easier when it’s organized. Here is an easy plan for cleaning your refrigerator.

Keep your fridge in good shape with these tips.

  • First, gather all of your cleaning supplies. Keep a cleaning kit nearby and you are likely to clean it out more often. You’ll need a bucket to fill with sudsy water, sponges, a brush, an all purpose cleaner, and towels, reusable are best.
  • Second, as you clean each shelf, take some time to go through what is in there and to throw out and organize what you decide to keep. Remove all expired items for safety and health since food poisoning is a common family illness too.
  • Third, if you have parts that can be removed, soak them in the sink with warm water and baking soda.
  • Next clean, but move from top to bottom. That way the dirty water and food won’t be falling onto clean shelves. This is true when washing the outside as well. And don’t forget the floor underneath!
  • The final step is to clean your food containers, put everything back, and enjoy!

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Photo via bradipo