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Donuts. Who doesn’t like them? Even the strictest dieter will cave to a craving once in a while. If you’re living at Southern Oaks and you’re looking for things to do near Stone Mountain, we have a great bakery for you to try. It’s called Sublime Donuts, and the name does not lie.

Get your hands on some tasty donuts this weekend.

Sublime doesn’t just make donuts, they create donuts. They have all kinds of flavors and combinations that defy the imagination and tantalize the taste buds.

Take the Red Velvet Cake Donut for instance, or the S’mores, or even the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup donut. Sublime is even capitalizing on the new bacon trend that’s taking the culinary world by storm with their Saturday-only Maple Bacon Cheddar Donut. You should also try the ice cream sandwiches – made with donuts!

Take a few minutes out of your next trip to Atlanta by stopping by Sublime Donuts. You can find them at 535 Tenth Street NW in Atlanta. Call them at 404-897-1801 for more info.

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Photo via ReneS