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Your Southern Oaks Management teams wishes all our residents a very happy and safe 4th of July and to remind our residents ID-1006565to refrain from using consumer fireworks within our community.

Even though it is now legal in the State of Georgia for anyone 18 years of age or older to purchase and possess consumer fireworks on July 3rd, July 4th, December 31st and January 1st you should not be setting them off within our apartment community as it is a serious violation of your lease agreement as noted below:

“14. Use:…No portion of the apartment or apartment community shall be used by Resident, occupants, guests, or licensees for any disorderly, disruptive, abusive nor shall they be used so as to disrupt the quiet enjoyment of any other resident or their occupants and guests.”

Further also under, “14. Use…Resident shall not commit waste to the apartment or apartment community and shall not commit any act nor fail to take any action that would endanger the life, health, safety, welfare or property of any other person in the apartment community.”

There are numerous locations near our community where you can safely enjoy fireworks displays.

In observance of the July 4th Holiday, the office will be closed Friday, July 3rd and Saturday, July 4th.  We will return to the office on Monday morning, July 6th.  In the event of a maintenance emergency call 770-469-5107.

We here at Southern Oaks Apartments, hope that you enjoy a fun and safe holiday!

Image courtesy of Chris Sharp at FreeDigitalPhotos.net