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They listen to problems, they give you credit for your hard work, and they intervene when workplace issues arise. happy-bosss-day-1Having a great boss can make any job that much better. If you are looking for little gift ideas for your boss in Stone Mountain, give them on October 17 – Bosses Day. Acknowledging this day doesn’t have to be expensive or formal either – here are a few fun ideas from Office Playground to let them know you appreciate them:

  • Puffer ball, basketballs, and the happy face are among the choices.
  • If your boss has a sense of humor, consider the Emergency Self-Esteem Kit.
  • If your boss likes a classic touch, try the Newton’s Cradle swinging spheres. This version is stylized for a modern office.

It’s the thought that counts. By giving just a little something, you can tell your boss that they do a great job. Mark October 17 on your calendar and add a smile to your boss’ day.