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Bag pipes first originated possibly in the Middle East about 1000 BC, but they became popular in Scotland and, in fact, are the signature instrument of that country. Some people love the sound of bag pipes and if you’re going to be out and about at sundown on Saturdays, then check out the Bag Piper at Sun Down at the Gazebo for one of the more memorable things to do in Stone Mountain.

a bag piper

Come out to the gazebo to listen to the sounds of the bag pipe.

For thirty minutes on Saturday evenings, the lone bag piper will be playing music in memory of those who are gone. At the end of the half hour, he will play Amazing Grace.

If you would like a specific song played in memorial, you can make a donation to have that song played during the piper’s performance.

The Stone Mountain Village Gazebo is located by the train depot in the center of town, so make sure you’re there at sundown on Saturdays for some beautiful music!

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Photo via bourne300