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With the winter cold and flu season nearly upon us in our apartments in Stone Mountain, GA, here are four important tips to help prevent you from becoming ill.

1. Wash your hands, often.
Whenever you come in the from the outside, wash your hands; before handling food, wash your hands; and if you get the sniffles, keep washing them often. And don’t touch your face because the mucous membranes in your eyes, mouth and nose are germ breeding grounds. In other words, wash often.

2. Avoid sick people.
It’s tough to do when you travel on the bus, but stay away if you can and disinfect surfaces and your hands if possible after contact.

3. Get enough sleep and hydrate. 
One way to avoid getting sick if you feel something coming on is to start getting in some extra fluids and get more sleep.

4. Eat well and low stress.
Try for fresh fruits and veggies for better health. Eating well gives you the energy and good nutrients to help keep your stress level low and avoid being run down.

Do you have any tips for staying well? If so, share them with us on our Facebook page.