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Half-full beer on the wooden table

Use a coaster to avoid pesky rings.

Your new apartment will likely be your pride and joy, so make sure you treat it good! Most apartment renters are so tied up in their busy lifestyle that they forget to care for certain objects around their home. To avoid making the mistake of neglecting items, you should focus on the following household objects that require special care:

  • Always use a coaster because those dreaded coffee rings can be hard to remove off wooden tables. The finish on top of the table will protect the natural material underneath, which is why you should use coasters and placemats.
  • If you are in a rush or feeling a little hot-tempered you may be inclined to swing doors open, but don’t do this because the doorknob may hit the wall and cause dents or blemishes.
  • No apartment is complete without a wall photo, but refrain from hanging it in front of a window as the natural light will cause the color to fade.
  • Do you have a rug in your living room? If so, vacuum it regularly and avoid placing heavy objects on top of it, as this will affect quality.

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