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During the cold weather season, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to stay safe and prevent sickness in your children. Living in apartments WinterSafetyBookletCover1in Stone Mountain usually means that you will most likely have a mild winter, but not this year.  So take time to put in place these simple winter safety tips to keep your children safe throughout the winter season.

  • Warm Clothing– Wrap children up in multiple layers of clothing to make for easy removal in case it is too warm. It’s important to keep their heads covered as most heat escapes through your head.
  • Prevent colds and the flu– Teach your child to wash their hands frequently. Give your child a personal hand sanitizer. Feed your child a healthy balanced meal plan. Vitamin fortified foods will build your child’s defenses and prevent their risks of getting sick.
  • Winter sports and play–  Make sure all equipment used for winter sports is in working order and fits properly.  Always supervise your children while they are outside playing. Take breaks to hydrate your children during playtime.

Contact Southern Oaks Apartments in Stone Mountain and keep your children safe this winter.