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Running around after children and leading a busy lifestyle can leave you with minimal time to tidy up, which is why we want to share spring cleaning tips with you. With some simple tips you can banish clutter without missing out on precious family moments.

  • Most people put off cleaning the bathroom because there are so many areas to cover. Consider investing in an extendable handle scrubber, because with one of these. you can clean the shower, the bath, the sink and the toilet in just a few minutes!
  • Touch-up wooden furniture by buffing with furniture polish. Save money by using some leftover beer and rubbing in circular motions to enhance shine and color.
  • Move furniture into the center of a room and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up debris from the corners. This will only take a few minutes to do.
  • If your curtains are dirty, your entire apartment will look dirty. Throw them in the washing machine or vacuum them with a suitable attachment to make the apartment look cleaner.
  • Avoid scratching delicate surfaces with a normal vacuum attachment. Use a bristle attachment to dislodge debris from carpets, window sills and keyboards.

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