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How many times have you wanted to spruce up a space in your Southern Oaks Apartment home — without breaking the bank? Sometimes it’s just nice to change things up in your bathroom every now and again. Ironically, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your apartment or home, so it should be a space you enjoy being in regardless of the size. Don’t you agree? Here are a few ways to spruce up your bathroom! Let’s take a look.

Artwork: Use artwork to your advantage. In a smaller bathroom, there is usually only enough room for two or three pieces, so try to pull all of your colors together (rugs, shower curtain, tiles, etc.).

Add a fun printable or other art to your walls. How about a couple of fabric-covered canvases? Taking this route allows you to pick your fabric, colors, design, etc. Pick up your canvases on sale and you have some inexpensive artwork to complement your bathroom décor.

New Towels: Yes, you read that right! Add a few new towels with bright colors or fun designs. Stack them on a shelf or display them on a towel rack.

New Shower Curtain: A bathroom can have a completely new and fresh feeling by changing out your shower curtain. I put How-to-Spruce-Up-Your-Bathroom-New-Shower-Curtain-200x300an orange shower curtain with a subtle floral print in ours and it was the perfect amount of pop that the bathroom needed.

Above, I mentioned new towels; when possible, also buy a couple of hand towels that match your shower curtain and use them as a decorative piece. In the picture below, I placed a couple on a dish on the back of the toilet. It really pulls the new look together, don’t you think?

Hooks: Add hooks to your wall or doors. Wall hooks not only add some fun to your wall but also add functionality. Are you in need of a little extra storage space in your bathroom? Door hooks provide a place to hang robes, towels and makeup organizers too!

Shower Head: A new shower head might not always be a noticeable change visually, but guess what? It will make you feel like you have a new shower.  Score!

So, what do you think? It’s nice to have a few simple, inexpensive ways to spruce up your bathroom on hand. Do you have any additional tips to let us know about?  Share them on our community Facebook page.

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