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If you look in any kitchen, the one thing you will always find is a carton of salt.  We have been using salt forever to cook with, but this amazing substance goes far beyond seasoning our food.  Check out some more practical uses for salt:

  1. Pick up a dropped egg.  In the off chance that your drop and egg on the kitchen floor, sprinkle the mess with salt and leave it for about 20 minutes.  After that you will be able to simply wipe it right up.
  2. Soothe a bee sting.  Now that we are spending more time outside in the warmer weather, the chances of getting stung increase.  If you do get stung, simply wet the sting right away and cover it with salt.
  3. Clean up oven spills.  Chances are, if you use your oven, you are bound to have a spill or two.  Don’t worry.  If you do have food that boils over in the oven, simply sprinkle salt on top of the spill which will stop it from smoking and smelling up your home.  After the oven cools, simply brush away the spot.
  4. Clean brown spots off the surface of your iron.  Sprinkle salt an a sheet of wax paper, slide the heated iron across it several times, then rub it lightly with some silver polish.
  5. Clean a well used glass coffee pot.  Fill the pot with 1/4 cup of salt and a dozen ice cubes.  Swish this mixture around and then let it stand for about 30 min.  Then simply fill the pot with cold water and rinse.

These are just a few of the many uses for salt.  What are some of your secrets?  Share then with your Southern Oaks neighbors on our Facebook page.