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Living in a space that is not your own can sometimes limit what you can do to make your apartment your own personal space.

Check out these ideas that will inspire you to make your Southern Oaks Apartment the home you wantimg33l

  1. Mirror, Mirror on the wall – Using mirrors is a decorating trick that works wonders.  They reflect light and make a space feel bigger.  Hand a large mirror in your apartment living room, dining area or bedroom across from a window so is can reflect the light back into the room.
  2. Floor Coverings – Not crazy about the color of the carpet?  Camouflage it with a large area rug that matches your taste in decor.  This works great in either your bedroom or living room.
  3. Wall Displays – Use floating shelves to display your photos or momentos.  Get creative by using several and staggering them for your unique look.
  4. Pillows – Bring the color of the season inside with colorful and decorative pillows.  To make changing out the colors throughout the year, buy pillow form and pillow covers separately.  Then, when you want a fresh look, replace the pillow covers and store the current covers for your later.
  5. Lighting – Invest in some lamps to decorate and illuminate your apartment home.  Place lamps on end tables and nightstands.  Throw in a floor lamp as well which are perfect for areas that don’t get enough light.

Go on and be creative, make your apartment you own.  Share your decorating tips at our Facebook page.  We would love to share your creative ideas with all of our residents.

Photo Source:  FreeDigitalPhotos