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At Stone Mountain Apartment homes, we are all about saving money and creating a brighter future. One of the biggest expenses a family incurs weekly is at the grocery store, but there are also ways to save while shopping for food and other essential home items. We’ve collected a few tips to help you bring your grocery bills down and line your wallet with some green.

  • Stick to your list. Impulse purchases can add up quickly. If the item isn’t on your list, you do not need it.Do your research in grocery fliers and make a list. Try to match sale items with manufacturers coupons.
  • Try shopping at big box stores for paper goods. For example, Walmart in Stone Mountain has great savings on large quantities of paper goods.
  • Do the math! Buying basic commodities is cheaper than buying convenience foods. Rice in a bag, for example, is leaps and bounds cheaper than the “minute” variety. You’ll get more servings for a lot less per serving.

We love to save money here and we know residents of our apartments do too, so check out a few more tips that will save you a ton at the store!

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Image source:  Free Digital Photos