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Whether you have your own washer and dryer, or use the Clothes Care Center here at Southern Oaks Apartments, here are few tips that are sure to have your laundry look brighter and will help to preserve the life of you clothes.

  1. Sorting clothing.  Sorting clothes by color is something you learn early when doing laundry.  But your clothes will last much longer if you also sort them by fabric and water temperature.   In addition to separating whites, light colors, darks, bright colors and delicates, wash your linty fabrics like towels, flannels and sweatshirts,  separate as well to prevent lint build-up on other clothing.   
  2. Promptly ‘soak’ stains.  Before using a stain remover, immediately place a stained garment into a small vessel of water with a little detergent.  Once the item has soaked for a period of time, then treat the stain.  You will have much better luck getting the stain out.
  3. Don’t Overstuff the washer.  High efficiency front load washers can handle up to 20 pounds of cloths, but top loaders max out at about 16 pounds.  Since you probably don’t have a way to weigh your clothing, it is recommended that you only fill the washer to three-quarters full.
  4. First add soap, then clothes.  Before adding you clothes, first add the soap to the water in the washer.  This allows the soap to fully dissolve.  Your soap will work much more effectively in cleaning your clothing.

Following these 4 easy steps when doing laundry is sure to keep your wardrobe looking fabulous.

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