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While Thanksgiving is a day when our Southern Oaks families gather to break bread and celebrate all the blessing and 8206234109_9be53aedb5_zmiracle of life, today, a lot of things get in the way of having a meaningful gathering. Technology distractions, packaged food and family dynamics are just of few things that can get into the way of a great Thanksgiving experience.

Here are a few ideas to have an even more meaningful and fulfilling Thanksgiving this year.

  1. Make the food together from scratch.  When you get down to it, food is the centerpiece of this holiday.  It’s easier to buy a pre-made pumpkin pie, but making food from scratch can help draw the family together.  Get the parents and the kids involved in the preparation so they have a part in preparing this delicious meal.
  2. No cell phones allowed.  It’s difficult to participate in family conversations when your cell phone is buzzing in your pocket.  No one needs to check email or Facebook on Thanksgiving.  This is a day to pay attention to family.
  3. Take a walk in nature together.  While waiting for the turkey to reach that perfect golden brown, grab a relative and head out for a walk.  This can also be a great post-feast activity serving to burn off some of those second slice of pie calories and fight off the sleepy tryptophan from the turkey.

We wish all the families here at Southern Oaks a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Image courtesy of Sally Oh at at Flickr