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At Southern  Oaks Apartments, we have not seen temperatures this cold in decades.  Unfortunately, the cold brings potential Frozen 1problems for our residents.  Not the least of which are busted water pipes that freeze due to the frigid temperatures.  There are some very simple things you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing when temperature dip below 32 degree F.

  • Flowing water will not freeze.  Make sure that you turn both the hot and cold faucets on to allow a slow steady drip.  This is especiallyimportant for facets located next to an exterior wall.
  • Open cabinet doors.  Opening cabinet doors under sinks will allow the heat from the room to help keep your pipes from freezing as well.
  • Keep your heat on.  Even if you are planning to be away from you apartment home for any length of time, always leave your heat on.  You certainly don’t want to come home to an unpleasant surprise!

Remember these three simple steps, and you are sure to stay toasty AND dry!  If you have other tips to share with your Southern Oaks neighbors, be sure to post them on our community Facebook page.

Image Source:  Free Digital Photos